Are you tired of trying a different diet every week but seeing no results? Are you having a hard time deciding which one to choose considering the numerous options in order to lose weight? Fret no more! 

Here are the best diet plans that guarantee effective weight loss in a short span of time: 

intermittent fasting
What is intermittent fasting

It is fairly popular among individuals aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle. Intermittent fasting (IF) is a cycle between fasting and eating. The basic principle of IF is that it enables the body to utilize its stored energy by burning the excess fat. In intermittent fasting, you are basically limiting the time period in which you are going to eat. For example, out of 24 hours, the fasting period will be 16 hours long and, the eating time period will be limited to 8 hours only. 


It is believed that intermittent fasting enhances the metabolism of the body along with limiting calorie intake. Furthermore, fasting enhances the secretion of growth hormone and minimizes the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by regulating the insulin levels in the body.


It is the most common diet for weight loss. It includes diets like Keto and Atkins. In low carb diets, the intake of carbohydrates is restricted mainly; processed food such as pasta, bread, cookies, cake, candy, etc.  Instead, foods that are rich in fat and proteins are recommended. 


A low carb diet plays a significant role in an individual’s weight loss journey. It promotes the reduction in blood glucose and insulin levels as well as blood pressure. 

  1.  MILITARY Plan:
military diet plan

It is a 3-day diet that promotes significant weight loss. For 3 days a week, an extremely low-calorie intake is maintained. However, it is encouraged to health healthy the rest of the 4 days while still maintaining a low-calorie intake. 


It helps improve the function of the immune system as well as fasten metabolism. It is easy to follow and very economical. The weight loss using this diet is very quick. 


In this type of diet, you are restricted to eating only unprocessed and raw food. This type of diet is rich in nuts, beans, legumes, vegetables and, fruits. It strictly involves heating the food below 40-58°C. An individual may lose a lot of weight from this diet. 


A raw diet is generally rich in fiber which helps improve the process of digestion and treat constipation. It also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It helps in weight loss as the calorie intake in this diet is very less than the average recommended calorie intake. 

Weight loss isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. It requires dedication and patience, but most importantly, it requires discipline. It is extremely crucial to select a diet that fits your goal and stick to it. More than often, we give up before the results start to appear. On that account, the next time you start a diet, be consistent.  

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